We can make it if we try.
You and I.
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Anonimo: "Midnight memories the one direction album"


Midnight Memories for the signs:

Aries: Midnight Memories

Taurus: Something Great

Gemini: Don’t Forget Where You Belong

Cancer: Strong

Leo: Story Of My Life

Virgo: Through The Dark

Libra: You & I

Scorpio: Little White Lies

Sagittarius: Alive

Capricorn: Happily

Aquarius: Right Now

Pisces: Best Song Ever


50/60: Jackets or Jumpers? 

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me taking tests in school


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gemma_chan: The measure of a man. #weewilliewinkie

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Things that I like of Zayn: he’s cute with fans

@zaynmalik: Can’t get over you guys. Don’t get how much you amaze me. Thank you for everything, you truly are the best fans in the world. Love you all x



True sibling protection

I feel this so hard

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fuck me

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